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We strive to reduce our impact on the environment by working with environmentally aware suppliers and increasing our range of sustainable products.



Stephenson Supplies Limited offers quality hygiene supplies from brand leaders. The brands we offer are some of the most respected brand names in their particular fields, whether it be paper products, disposable gloves, or cleaning products. The manufacturers that own these brands all have environmental policies in place to help improve environmental sustainability.


Paper hand towels


Katrin® is our main brand for paper products. Most of our disposable hand towels are Katrin branded products, and we also offer katrin toilet rolls, boxed tissues and mini centre feed rolls. The Katrin brand belongs to Metsa Tissue, a Scandinavian company heavily focused on environmental sustainability.

Metsa ensure that environmental, social and economic impacts are in balance. Their smart dispenser solutions optimise paper consumption, helping to save both costs and the environment.

Most of the raw materials used in the production of Katrin tissue paper are returned to nature.

Production is carefully regulated to minimise pollution, wastage, energy. raw material usage and other resources.

Katrin tissue paper is produced from trees that are grown in certified & sustainable forests. These forests are rapidly growing, with more trees planted than chopped down.

Metsa Tissue's Katrin products carry the Nordic Swan eco label - an environmental label that provides customers with the reassurance that their purchase has been an environmentally responsible one.

Stephenson Supplies has a long standing relationship with Metsa, and enjoy consistently high levels of product quality and availability.


Hand Care

Gojo and Purell

GOJO® is the world's leading manufacturer of skin care products for the workplace.

Their broad portfolio includes hand cleaning, hand washing, hand sanitizing and skin care formulas under the GOJO® and PURELL® brand names.

GOJO formulas use the latest advances in the science of skin care. GOJO is known for state of the art dispensing technology, engineered with attention to design and functionality.

Since 1960 GOJO has focused heavily on sustainability. Their extensive range of skin care products are designed to reduce environmental impact. Gojo's dispensing solutions are portion controlled -this helps reduce wastage. The cartridges which contain the liquid soap are produced from lightweight PET (Polyester) which is fully recyclable. 

Some of their products, including Gojo mild foaming hand wash, which we supply here at Stephenson Supplies, have been awarded the EU Ecolabel (or EU Flower). Only the very best products, which are kindest to the environment, are entitled to carry the EU Ecolabel. We expect many more Gojo products will soon carry the EU Ecolabel.

GOJO is committed to reducing waste, packaging, water and energy while still delivering advanced, innovative skincare solutions. Gojo operates under a very strict recycling and waste management programme. Furniture, computer and electronic equipment, toner cartridges, paper, cardboard, pallets, plastic bottles, steel/metal, bulbs and batteries are all recycled or reused.

GOJO are our longest standing hand care supplier. We now offer their touch-free dispensing systems to help healthcare professions comply with industry standards.

deb stoko logo col 143

Deb Stoko is the brand creation of the merging between leading UK hand care manufacturer Deb Group and the prestigious German manufacturer Stoko. Both companies have now been absorbed into one, namely Deb Stoko. The company caters for skin care regimes for all types of workplace and public environments. Deb Stoko leads the market with innovative formulations which are environmentally friendly.

Their dispensers are robust and therefore do not need replacing every few years. This durability means reduced raw material consumption and less landfill waste. Deb Stoko dispensers come with a lifetime guarantee.

The cartridges that hold the liquid soap are entirely recyclable

Deb Stoko is committed to improving their packaging including reducing the weight of plastic containers and therefore the amount of plastic used. They are also heavily focussed on waste and energy consumption. They ensure that as little packaging is used wherever possible, including the cardboard cartons in which the cartridge refills are packaged.



brand dermagrip

The Dermagrip brand is owned by WRP, the world's largest manufacturer of premium quality nitrile gloves. Stephenson Supplies Ltd has had great success with Dermagrip brand gloves, which include latex as well as nitrile, and both sterile and non-sterile gloves.


Bodyguards, the company, were taken over in 2010 by BM Polyco Ltd but the highly respected Bodyguards brand has been kept the same.  BM Polyco is the UK's largest glove manufacturer. This has given us access to a much wider range of gloves and we now proudly offer a great range of work and safety gloves in addition to our disposable gloves range.

Bodyguards is one of the main brands of disposable gloves chosen by the NHS and offer a great range of non-medical gloves too, popular with motor and engineering industries

The Bodyguards range includes latex, vinyl, synthetic, and Nitrile gloves. This range provides a whole host of solutions, including soft thin gloves ideal for sensitive examination procedures such as dental work, gloves with greater chemical resistance ideal for laboratories, and gloves suitable for almost any industry from motor to print.

BM Polyco adopts responsible environmental and social policies. Their newly built, environmentally controlled factories use the latest technology, manufacturing to the highest quality standards.

logo semperit  Use this one

Semperit are our longest standing disposable gloves supplier.

They have achieved a leading position on the European and American glove market and have more than 85 years of experience.

We offer two of their main brands; Sempercare, which has been developed for the healthcare industry, and Semperguard, developed for non-medical use. They too are a main supplier for the NHS. Semperit manufacture both latex and nitrile gloves, including the Sempercare Skin2 glove, a fantastic purple nitrile glove that fits and feels like latex, but is entirely latex-free!


 Toilet Tissue + Kitchen Rolls

Nicky Intertissue Sofidel Logo

Nicky is one of the fastest growing household paper brands. Nicky works in partnership with the Woodland Trust to plant, preserve, and protect woodlands and forestry around the UK.

Nicky helps to fund projects for the Woodland Trust and local communities around the UK. Their mission is to plant 20,000 trees per year over the next three years.

Buying Nicky products means you are contributing to the creation of new native woodland

Nicky is one of the biggest brands of the Sofidel group, a group that identifies sustainability and the environment as one of its key pillars in the organisation.

We supply several Nicky products including Nicky Elite 3 Ply Toilet Rolls and Nicky Kitchen Rolls